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This site serves a dual purpose. It houses my scholarship and provides some hosting of content that I have created for the courses I teach. The site is always in development. If you are looking for my publications, the easiest way to get them is via my CV. They are linked and stored online. Please notify me of dead links.  I rarely check to see if all the links are still working– rarely being about once a year. If you are a student, it is more likely you are looking for course materials. Some are password-protected. See your syllabus for the password.

For more information about my research check out my research statement and my blog. Those provide a good introduction to where all my work is going. I consider my blog part of my scholarship, and I post as often as I can. I study how computer-mediated critical discourse (discourse learning) can be supported via design features. For example, in my dissertation I reconfigured components of YouTube to create collaborative video annotations (a dynamic discussion platform using speech bubbles) where expert (faculty) discourse appeared in set locations on a video timeline to prompt learner insights.

If you’re looking for something specific which you don’t seem to find here, just drop me an email at: