Getting started teaching online as a new adjunct

Often we find faculty must pick up a class on short notice. If you’re coming into a new school, one might wish they had a checklist about where to start. Here’s that checklist. It’s not a full onboarding checklist, but it’s where I start new adjuncts.

January solitude by 愛怜夏, age 8. Cut construction paper, crayon, and acrylic white paint on a cotton swab (Q-tip).
  1. Get a net ID from the business administrator in the department. Your net ID is often your default email address until you change the email address in the UT directory. Your net ID and your email address do not have to be the same; many prefer they be different. I prefer mine are different.
  2. Once you get your Net ID, you must set your password before you do anything. Start here:
  3. Two-factor authentication is necessary at UT. You will need your cell phone whenever you log into the system. Start with your two-factor authentication here:
  4. Thereafter you will need to set up your course in CANVAS. That URL is here:
  5. Our program is synchronous, live via ZOOM video conference. You will want your own ZOOM pro account. A ZOOM pro account may take 24 hours to activate after you submit a request, so be proactive. To create that from your net ID, go here:
  6. I think most instructors will get a Net ID that is somewhat cryptic and hard to remember. For this reason, I suggest using an alias, such as your name or initials, so it’s easier for everyone to remember. To change the appearance of your email address to be different from your net ID, edit your directory information here:
  7. Change your password every 6 months. UT Knoxville requires this; however, if you do so off campus, you can re-use previous passwords. If you change your password while VPN or on campus, the system will not allow you to re-use past passwords.

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