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Recent Talks at Indiana and Texas A&M Universities

On 12/2: I will be doing a talk in Susan Herring‘s CMC class on Dec 2. I am excited to be going back to talk to an IU informatics class. You can download the slides here.

On 11/16:  I gave a talk entitled Instructional design & design thinking: How we develop knowledge in instructional design and used some slides that students might find handy later on. I covered a definition of instructional design, what is and is not design knowledge, and how we might build design knowledge for learning contexts. This is contrasted to how we build knowledge about theories related to instructional interventions.

On 10/22:  I also gave a talk at Texas A&M University about my dissertation, but focused on the research methods. The links I used are below, along with the main points of what I had to say:

  • My dissertation: Higher Order Thinking in Collaborative Video Annotations: Investigating discourse modeling and the staggering of participation. (2012)
  • The new media created and studied I named Collaborative Video Annotations. I provide an example here
  • I focused this talk on three terms underlined here:  This was a quasi-experimental content analysis of learner discourse.
  • Every study has some big findings and some lesser findings. My big ones were: “Learners in the staggered conditions groups produced twice as much higher order thinking than learners in the basic condition. Learners in the modeled discourse condition produced three times as much higher order thinking. The staggering of learner participation also required no effort and thus should be a requisite design feature in online discussions.”