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Blogs and often visted web sites

In a conversations with Colin Gray and Rod Myers, we talked about the many blogs that we follow and how easy it is to have them fed into an email address. Unfortunately, this could become very cumbersome. At the AECT early career symposium, David Wiley talked about the importance of blogs and his perspective that the media of blogging has replaced the scholarly article’s roles as a distribute of new information. Now, the scholarly article represents vetted information, and the bog represents new information. I don’t read as many blogs as I should, possibly because I know writing gets better as it is vetted. I am wondering what ways we have to slim down the information vortex in ed tech and focus just on new posts and blogs that are useful. One idea I am toying with is editing a blog with a nonprofit organization, instead of trying to conjure up my own content on a  regular basis. That organization will most likely be Unlock learning.

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